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Atha Makina A.S. Hall: Shk Saeed Hall Stand: S-J34
Vertical Form Fill and Sealing (VFFS) packaging machines, are automatic assembly line packaging systems used for packaging liquid and solids. Packs various type of food and non-food products such as Rice, pulses, salt, tea, sugar, coffee, milk powder, coffee cream, powder, starch, biscuits, cookies, nuts, sunflower seeds, dried fruit, dates, frozen food, spices, snack foods, waffles, candies, detergent, and fertilizer. VFFS packaging machines can be intermittent or continuous motion. Intermittent motion machines work with the principle of vertical and horizontal bag seals occur when the film stops. Intermittent motion machines provide a convenient solution for applications where speed is not absolutely critical. While in continuous motion machines, the vertical and horizontal bag seals are applied without stopping the film and thus higher production rates can be achieved.

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