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altuntop - Dough Processing Machine

Altuntop Catering Equipments Trading LLC Hall: 4 Stand: D4-3
- volumetric dough divider machine, uses the latest system of the dough processing technology, cuts the dough at the requested weight without pressing and harming the dough. All the surfaces contacting the dough are made of stainless steel. It cuts the dough with its weight due to the vacuum generated by piston cylinder movement. The lubrication system is automatically operated. Thus, the machinery is provided to have longer life. All surfaces are lubricated with the oil which is compatible of food. The hopper is made of stainless steel. - Conical rounder machine shapes the dough thanks to a cone made of aluminum and the aluminum sleeves around which move spirally. The dough is perfectly rounded while moving from bottom to top in the tracks. The machine is also equipped with a newly designed mechanical fl our duster which does not produce any noise while working. All moving part have bail bearings and the machine is on wheels. Due to the all the aluminum components, it can be coated with tefl on as per the request. - Dough Intermediate proofing machine is specially designed for the cold and hot climate. Dough is circulated at all of the pockets one by one with the transferring method in the machine. This circulation stays 8 minutes in the cold climates and 5 minutes in the hot climates. Right and left outlet is provided due to the fact that the transferring mechanism is adjustable, and thus; an untroubled working environment is ensured. An easy and hygienic cleaning is provided because the conveying nets are plastic and replaceable. They can be moved to any place due to their wheels. Some parts of the machine are covered by transparent material to observe the dough. The control panel is protected against electrical errors such as missing phases or wrong connections. Machine is made of stainless steel. - Dough moulder shapes the dough, which is opened up very fl at by the help of two polyamide rollers, at any length and thickness by the means of 2 or 4 rollers. The roller can be adjusted between 0-25 mm without any position. There is a spring scrapingmechanism made of stainless steel on the roller. The dough can be shaped at 420mm length due to thepolyester woven and resistance increasing long-lifeconveying band and adjustable roller group. This machine is suitable for all dough pieces, including tin bread and small baguette. All rollers are equipped with nylon scrapers which are fixed to the frame. The curling chain is made from stainless steel. Pressing board is adjustable and can be removed for cleaning purposes.