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AKRAS Product Video - Vegan Gums (Confectionary)

Akras Flavours GmbH Hall: Hall 6 Stand: D6-28
AKRAS FLAVOURS developed innovative vegan fruit gums going with the plant-based food trend with yoghurt flavour, in cooperation with D&F Drouven GmbH. A market revolution in the plant-based confectionery segment. The plant based or vegan food trend is experiencing a global boom that drives new product innovations across every food category. Looking at the snack trends, vegan gummy candies are high on the list. The no-meat, no-dairy trend is now so mainstream that big brands have to create new products to serve the target group. AKRAS FLAVOURS developed an innovative product concept – the Vegan Fruit Gums. Following the vegan/vegetarian movement, the market offers today gummy candies based on starches with optionally protein fortification from dairy ingredients (e.g. yoghurt,…).Solely vegan options were not yet available. We at AKRAS Flavours developed in cooperation with D&F Drouven GmbH an innovative option for vegan fruit gums based on natural fruit flavours with fruit juice, pea-protein and yoghurt-flavour.

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