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Business success story: Abafoods (Italy)

E80 Group S.p.A. Hall: Hall 2 Stand: B2-42
Abafoods turned to Tetra Pak and E80 Group to develop an integrated solution capable of increasing production capacity, prioritizing safety, eliminating bottlenecks, improving efficiency and flexibility and satisfying current and future demand without having to expand the plant. In response to the request from Abafoods, Tetra Pak and E80 Group put together a team of experts to design and develop an integrated and customized solution for automating the end of line in a particularly tight space. The first big challenge was to free up enough room for the additional production and packaging lines needed to achieve a 30% increase in output in as little time as possible. To optimize space for all the packaging lines and for E80 Group’s new palletizers, wrappers and labellers, Tetra Pak first repositioned its machines within the existing area using a new layout validated by 3D mapping technology. This advanced tool creates a virtual model of an existing factory and determines the ideal systems, thereby avoiding unnecessary problems in the installation phase. 3D mapping produces a precise plant layout and identifies all important elements within the factory, including hidden ones. Thanks to SmartDesigner tool, the simulation software with discreet events, modelled on and integrated in E80 Group logics, different solutions could be compared to verify functionalities and optimize processes. Operator safety on the workplace was another important objective. The use of automatic laser-guided vehicles transformed semi-manual operations into centrally automated, integrated and controlled processes, eliminating risks on: products, people, equipment and structures. Thanks to integration between the SM.I.LE80 software platform and Abafoods’s ERP, efficient flows are now ensured from raw material reception to finished product shipment. "The use of LGVs significantly reduced interference between forklifts and pedestrians and has therefore reduced the risk of accidents too. The new layout, designed with the help of E80

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