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A DUE EASY.AirBox: Air purification system for sensitive products or processes.

A Due di Squeri Donato & C. S.p.A. Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 3 Stand: S3-B20
EASY.AirBox uses no chemicals, instead the treatment involves air filtration and disinfection technologies (UV sanitizing lamp and HEPA H14 antibacterial filter), combined so as to ensure maximum effectiveness. The continuous operation dynamically reduces airborne particle and microbial contamination. Featuring hygienic design with stainless steel execution, EASY.AirBox is simple and cost-effective, small, service-friendly device with easy and limited maintenance and low running costs. Being a stand-alone unit ready for installation, it can be easily and quickly integrated into existing systems with no production downtime. The purification process is fully automated thanks to the backlit control panel, which displays all the operation information and allows the air flow adjustment (from 30 to 300 m3/h). The machine consists of a pre-filter, an UV irradiation chamber, a final safety filtration with HEPA H14 filter (99.995% filtration degree), which acts as a sterile barrier, ensuring a 5 log pathogen reduction. There are three separate outlets for managing the sterile air flow, with the possibility of connecting multiple utilities at the same time.

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