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FBF ITALIA - The story

FBF Italia S.r.l. Hall: 5 Stand: B5-9
FBF ITALIA has been established in 1987 and, today, after having achieved more than 30 years of experience and manufactured more than 5.000 machines we, at FBF ITALIA, are today really proud to have introduced on the market the new line of high pressure homogenizers and pumps “BUFFALO SERIES” ; the result of these machines – in reliability and final result of the product – are still surprisingly better than we expected at the time of their design! We would like to emphasize, the strongest points of the “BUFFALO SERIES” homogenizers: • Crankcase manufactured in thick walled premium quality high-resistance cast iron, containing a couple of helicoidally-made gears (secondary reduction) and the crankshaft supported by 5 roll-bearings (not overhanging parts) with rods installed on bronze-bearings • Multi-block compression head (as for the ultra-high pressure homogenizers) made in stainless steel F51, designed to be very easily maintained (every block can be taken away separately…). The compression carries a guarantee of 5 years against cracking and defects. • Innovative pressurized lubricating plant, using just one type of oil both for the pump body and the reduction gear • Pumping pistons made in stainless steel with special “DLC-PVD” plating, the pistons carry a double guide to keep a perfect alignment with respect to the CH gaskets installed on the compression head. • New valve groups with hemi-spherical valves and seat reversible on both sides • Automatic belts tensioning with reduction of stress on the bearing of the electric motor • Double-station hydraulic plant to drastically reduce the consumption of cooling water (option) • Easy and reduced general maintenance. On-going innovation, exacting experimentation of special materials were key criteria during “BUFFALO SERIES” homogenizers design; strict quality controls and endurance tests allow FBF ITALIA to guarantee maximum performance, durability, reliability and safety. Our mission is to offer to our Customers not only excellent sale services but also continuous relationship with constant, direct post-sale technical assistance; the target is to keep friendly relationship built on mutual evolution and innovation. Last but not least, the real advantages we can grant to all our Customers: wide range of machinery to cover all segments of the market (from 10 to 60.000 litres/hour), total flexibility to meet special requirements, spare parts always on stock ready for shipment, very competitive price and short reaction times.