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  • Packaging evolves with time. I'm back with another review of the product. This time it's the energy drink "Ghost." Indeed the outstanding packaging efforts. #tauruspackaging #shrinksleeves #chetanjain ...
  • Goyum Group India installed 1 MW ( Megawatt ) Solar PV Plant on Turnkey Basis for one of our prestigious edible oil customer in West Africa. The Solar PV Plant will generate more than 1.5 million unit ...
  • 100 TPD Solvent Extraction Plant is designed, manufactured, supplied, installed and commissioned on Turnkey Basis in Tanzania by Goyum Group - India. Made in India Product. Our Solvent Extraction Plan ...
  • 110 Ton Per Day Soybean Oil Processing Plant is installed on Turnkey Basis in India by Goyum Group - India. Made in India Product. We Manufacture & Export Complete Oil Production Plant for Various Oil ...
  • 15000 Ltrs CIP Station

    18 Jul 2023 Swedinox International Fzc
    15000 Ltrs CIP Station
  • Unequalled performance: The EK4 still the absolute leader for packaging of hard candies in double twist wrapping style. When it was introduced, the EK4 set a benchmark, which is still unequalled today ...
  • 20 TPD (Tons Per Day) Edible / Cooking Oil Refinery Plant is installed in East Africa (Tanzania) on Turnkey Basis by Goyum Group India. Made in India Product. We do planning, designing and manufacturi ...
  • 200 ton/day Groundnut Oil Mill Plant is installed on Turnkey Basis in Sudan by Goyum Group. Made in India Product. We Manufacture & Export Complete Oil Production Plant for Various Oilseeds & Nuts suc ...
  • 30 Ton Per Day Copra Oil Processing Plant is installed on Turnkey Basis in India by Goyum Group - India. Made in India Product. We Manufacture & Export Complete Oil Production Plant for Various Oilsee ...
  • 30 years of experience

    01 Jan 2020 İntermak
    30 years of experience
  • 4,000 flow packed chiclets per minute. The FPH5 packaging machine from Theegarten-Pactec achieves this output by packaging multiple pieces in one pack and also enables the production of product chains ...
  • 40 Rope 4 Colour Liquorice

    07 Feb 2018 BCH Ltd
    BCH are at the forefront of Liquorice production, with the first being produced over 200 years ago at the beginning of the 19th century! We demonstrate how much our machines can produce in a small tim ...
  • We are pioneer in planning, engineering, designing, manufacturing and installation & commissioning for Used Engine Lube Oil Refinery Plant, Used Engine Oil Re-Refining Plant, Used Oil Re-Refining Dist ...
  • 5000 Ltrs Capacity Double Compartment Road Tanker (2500 ltrs Each) With CIP Function
  • AAA

    08 Sep 2023 I.DEA PACK SRL
  • ABC Compressors video
  • SMF Video presentation
  • ACM Bag in bag solution

    Jongerius Hanco powered by BPA
  • ACMA renews its portfolio of Liquid Filling Machines with new optimized platforms for: • Personal Care • Home Care • Oils (edible and minerals) Discover more: ...
  • ACMA supports its customers with research activity through the Sustainability Lab, which has produced unique innovations as Material Gate - a patented testing unit to experiment new wrapping materials ...
  • Discover an innovative way to test new sustainable materials, measure their performance and upgrade your packaging machines. For more info:
  • Discover how a ropbotic palletisation solution has helped one of our customers match their production capacity and increase their overall throughput.
  • Learn more about who we are and what we can do for you.
  • Discover a semi-automated pallet handling solution that can seamlessly be integrated into with forklift operation and increase productivity and space management.
  • Video about our new adaptive flex-band concept.
  • Over the last decade, we have provided innovative automation solutions to global multinationals. What really sets our solutions apart is our extensive product portfolio and configurable software. Peps ...
  • Addverb designed and delivered an innovative automation solution for HUL (Unilever) for their warehouse in Chennai, India, to enable delivery within 24 hours to 28,000 Kirana (Mom-and-Pop Grocery) sto ...
  • To simplify Ajio's returns handling and warehouse operations, Addverb designed and delivered an advanced sortation solution with a fleet of Zippy - Sorting Robot powered by robust Movect - Fleet Manag ...

    01 Aug 2022 ADM
    Unlocking Nature. Enriching Life.

    11 Aug 2023 ADM GALICIA
  • AEP

    04 Sep 2023 AEP Portuguese Business Association / Chamber of Commerce and Industry
    AEP Portuguese Business Association / Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Building a Future Together Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management
  • Image video
  • Effective air purification system!
  • AKY Technology Introduction

    08 Sep 2023 AKY Technology
    AKY Technology is an innovative supplier for grain conditioning, pulses processing and seed processing technology. AKY Technology manufactures technological systems that manages the process from harve ...
  • Alcohol cotton bandage, Alcohol cotton pad, Iodine pad, Glasses cleaning pad, Wet Tissue Paper, Lubricating Jelly, Lotion, Nail polish remover, medical and cosmetic products.
  • ALP Meat Press

    Michael Glaser-Thielemann
    Meat Press nun Döner/Shawarma Production Leg meat with skin and marinated
  • Alphie 3 GMP

    22 Sep 2023 Hexagon
    Alphie 3 GMP Mixer
  • We had the opportunity to welcome a large number of customers and partners at our ‘Alternative Proteins Demo Days’ in Firminy – France.
  • Since 1991, Altuntop Bakery Equipment has redefined baking technology. Operating in 112 countries, we epitomize global excellence in baking equipment. From the baking group with different types of ove ...
  • Eco-Piatto: a range of single-use aluminium plates manufactured from 100% recycled aluminium
  • How many pieces do you stop producing due to replenishment breaks? Would you like to improve the efficiency of your process? Discover how autonomous mobile robots (AMR) work in synchrony with differen ...
  • Dry short pasta production with Pre-Dryer + Feeder and Stacker Tray's
  • We are in liquid food processing for over 25 years now. Our solutions are customized, to address the needs of our clients. Productivity and cost reduction are always part of our process design. We ens ...
  • AS HELLAS Projects

    01 Aug 2023 AS HELLAS
    Scenes from AS HELLAS pprojects
  • Image video
  • Automatic banding machine

    13 Sep 2023 ISG PACK
    The Easy Band 45 B automatic banding machine is a simple and reliable wheeled machine that uses 30 mm. wide paper and polypropylene bands and motorized reel holder for autonomy up to 800 mt. The reel ...
  • Optima-8 Turbo is one of the most recognizable SMF product, which offers a nominal efficiency of 14,000 500 ml bottles per hour and 12,000 1,500 ml bottles per hour. Providing you with an easy-to-chan ...
  • The new Techno Wrap 2000 BD pallet wrapping machine is an automatic line-mounted machine that uses a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), operated by 7.2" color touch panel, automatic film film feedin ...
  • Packaging system for liquid and viscous dairy products from SMF. Capacity: up to 5000 pph Container’s type: packing in pillow bags (sachet)
  • B3000

    05 Sep 2023 Caotech
    The CAO B3000 is one of the most popular models in the middle capacity segment. It is a combination of a horizontal 500L mixer/conch and a vertical low-speed ball mill based on the CAO C3000. This CAO ...
  • Baharot Lezzet Karışımları

    21 Dec 2021 BAHAROT
    Established in 1998, Baharot embarked on a journey of flavor by collaborating with the world's leading flavor producers. Combining all the knowledge and experience he gained, he established a new faci ...
  • Bak Ambalaj - 50th years

    29 Apr 2023 Bak Ambalaj
    Bak Ambalaj, one of our Packaging Group Companies who always moves forward in its business, by taking increasingly more competent, more perfectionist, more agile, more sustainable, and more flexible s ...
  • Bak Ambalaj Corporate Movie

    03 May 2023 Bak Ambalaj
    Bak Ambalaj, one of our Packaging Group Companies; always thinks about the future and moves towards the future with the experience that spans 50 years and its innovative, flexible point of view...
  • Bak Ambalaj- Sustainable Movie

    28 Apr 2023 Bak Ambalaj


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