GFM Exhibitor Products


  • CREDI® Cake Vegan mix is simply the best vegan cake mix and can be used for a large variety of inspiring and moist soft cakes. It has a mild and sweet flavour. You can use the mix as it is and top it ...
  • Design & Fabrication of Hygienic Milk road tankers
  • SS hygienic Piping
  • Automatic / Semi automatic / Manual CIP systems
  • Raw / Pasteurized Milk Storage Silos & Tanks
  • SS Hygienic Jacketed Piping
  • SS hygienic Food grade Tanks
  • We have 02 state of Art Hygienic Tank manufacturing Unit in UAE
  • SS hygienic Food grade storage / Mixing / Jacketed Tanks
  • We Have Alfa Laval Food grade Pipes , Fittings, Positive Pumps, Centrifugal Pumps, Valves , Think top etc in our Showroom in SAIF Zone, Sharjah.
  • SS Hygienic Food grade tanks
  • SS hygienic Domestic water tanks with volume of 500 lts , 1000 Lts ., 2000 Lts - Replacement of Plastic Tanks
  • SS hygienic Butter melting station
  • Our Apple pure is ideal for the production of juices, nectars and smoothies. Our process guarantees that it retains the initial taste and mouthfeel. Single strength and concentrate is available.
  • A 9-fruit juice with 7 vitamins to maintain good health. The fruits are sqeezed within 24 hours after harvesting while they maintain their delicious taste. Chris family 9 Fruits, 7 Vitamins Juice is g ...
  • A 100% certified organic juice from 100% Greek oranges. Chris Family Organic Orange Juice is rich in vitamin C with no added sugar, no additives and gluten free.
  • Our new jars as great taste makers are on stage for gourmet stores and home chefs with the brand name “Bonutty”.
  • Our new jars as great taste makers are on stage for gourmet stores and home chefs with the brand name “Bonutty”.
  • Our new jars as great taste makers are on stage for gourmet stores and home chefs with the brand name “Bonutty”.
  • Nonstop operation with continuous motion system Operateting without air pressure High precision and consistency with cross and side seal Touch control panel with color screen Cross and continuous kniv ...
  • A wide range for packaging dates products.
  • A wide range for packing ice cream
  • A wide range for packing dairy products
  • A wide range for packing chocolate made products
  • A wide range for packing chocolate made products
  • A wide range for packing various confectionery products
  • We mould your imaginations
  • A wide range for packing different types of snack products
  • PLC controlled product feeding. User-friendly colorful touch screen operator panel Automatic length detection by sensor Automatic packaging film drive with tension control Automatic trim winder with t ...
  • Pvc Stretch Film Jumbo
  • Pvc Stretch Film Refill
  • A hygienic, modular wall bracket that provides a flexible solution for storage of your cleaning tool and utensil in any area of your site. The rail is easily attached to the 4 wall mounts by sliding i ...
  • Improve your food safety and quality with our new Metal and X-ray detectable products. These Metal and X-Ray detectable utensils are designed for use in direct contact with food. Food contact utensils ...
  • Invented by Vikan and now an industry standard in most of the world, the hygienic colour coding of cleaning tools reduces the risk of cross-contamination – a major cause of food safety issues – by mak ...
  • In reference to the manufacturing process, our natural cheese flavors are also known as Enzyme Modified Cheese (EMC). With small addition rates, it is possible to achieve an intensive, authentic chees ...
  • Co-Extrusion of striped hard candy, filled or unfilled Proform HE series Extruder ensures the controlled production of hard candy. Built in a stainless steel execution it takes in hard boiled candy ma ...
  • Tanks suitable for the mixing and dosing of water, oil, additives, vitamins, etc. required by recipes in order to obtain Margarine, Shortening and Ghee as for production specifications. Note: Everythi ...
  • Suitable pumps to consistently feed the Coimix® machines and packaging systems with suitable pressures in the production process.
  • The Coimix® compact machine is perfect for cooling and softening vegetable and animal fats and different types of emulsions to obtain: Margarine (Table, Puff Pastry or Low Fat Spreads), Shortening, Gh ...
  • The plasticizer is a machine that allows the best distribution of the crystals in the fat matrix making the final product more homogeneous and plastic. Varying the rotor speed, it’s possible to achiev ...
  • PRODUCT FILLING, WEIGHING AND PACKAGING SYSTE Once the product (Margarine, Shortening, Ghee, Lard, etc.) from Coimix® has been crystallized it needs to be packed it for distribution to final customers ...
  • • Balsamic from Modena • Sherry • Flavoured : Raspberry, Tarragon... Different formats and recipes available • Plastic bottles : White vinegar, Grape vinegar, Coloured vinegar, Apple Cider vinegar
  • • Dijon • Wholegrain • American Yellow • Flavoured Different formats and recipes available
  • Top quality whipping cream powder High-fat content Volume up to 8-9 liters per 1kg of powder.
  • Lactimilk® is a fat-filled milk powder with 28% fat and 24% protein to match whole milk powder composition. It is produced in France from high quality skimmed milk and vegetable fat. It is a cost comp ...
  • Lactalis Ingredients offers a wide range of skimmed milk powders specifically adapted to each food application. We developped a skimmed milk powder suitable for UHT process recombined milk and dairy b ...
  • Different shapes, formats and recipes available
  • Our super instant full cream milk powder with its excellent wettability is the perfect solution for repacking or dry blending. It has a creamy and rich flavour and is fortified with vitamins A&D. Its ...