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Wrapping machines

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  • Wrapping machines
  • Wrapping machines
Wrapping machines Wrapping machines Wrapping machines
Choosing the right machine is achieved by studying the production line to understand which solution grants the best possible ROI. The right wrapping machine will consider both requested productivity and the characteristics of the ice cream. Teknoice’s team will find the right solution to optimize space constraints, budgets and production needs. Teknoice offers standard flowpack solutions and reversed – a solution that completely switches the way ice cream is wrapped inside the film. This system gently places the product directly from the extrusion line pincers onto the wrapping material. This solution can help to preserve the integrity and the hygiene of the product. This reversed method of wrapping is standard on all Teknowrap Multilane systems as it results in a more efficient production with less waste and errors. Teknowrap: automatic flowpack wrapping machine for the ice cream industry All extruded products, such as sticks, bars, sandwiches and bites are normally wrapped with a flowpack. Other products that are normally produced on an ice cream filling machine can also be wrapped by a flowpack machine, such as ball cones, wafer cups and much more. Popsicles and molded sticks are also on the list. Teknowrap multilane automatic wrapping machines: high productivity for small spaces. Available in many sizes, ranging between 4 and 2 lanes, Multilane wrapping machines can be suite to any productivity need. They can be added to any extrusion line or at the end of any molded stick line with up to 24 lanes. Teknoice offers its know-how to assist customers with customized layouts for new projects or new lines inside a bigger production facility. Our Team, depending on each situation, can suggest a custom solution, including process layout and or product layout.