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VTC – VFFS 300/600/900

VT Corp Pvt Ltd Hall: Trade Centre Arena Stand: S-E24
Description The VT Corp Auger Filler is a vertical screw feeder based on the volumetric feeding principle which propels the material by its accurate number of rotations controlling the feed volume with the help of servo motor. Agitator is an essential part of this filler to keep the material uniform by maintaining its bulk density. Auger screw and the Agitator speed can be set from HMI (Human Machine Interface). Also, the number of rotations of the screw can be set from HMI to get accurate filling of the material in volume. It is most widely used in packaging of non- free flowing products. Salient Features/ Technical Specifications :- High accuracy due to servo mechanism. Can be synchronize with any VFFS and PFS machine. Quick and Easy change over parts for changing filling range. Level sensor to determine the amount of material available inside the hopper. Available as Stand Alone Filler machine for packaging powdered products in preformed pouches. Foot Operated switch for start/stop. Adjustable Auger height. Easy Maintenance and Cleaning. Suitable for any kind of powders. Pouch Style Pillow Bag (with pin hole, euro slot, stick bag, continuous bag) Gusset Pouch (with D – cut) 4-Side Seal Pouch Block Bottom Quad Pack Penta Seal


  • Packaging
  • Flexible Packaging
  • Form and Fill Seal Machines
  • Heat Sealing Machines
  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) Equipment
  • Multipacking Machines
  • Pick and Place Machines
  • Stand- Up Pouch

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