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Vinaigrette process equipment

Limitech A/S Hall: Hall 8 Stand: D8-46
Vinaigrette process equipment Using oil and different kinds of vinegar is as old as ancient Greece and Rome, but the term vinaigrette is a bit harder to track down. However, it takes us back to at least 1699, where vinagrette is mentioned in John Evelyn’s books on salads, the book called Acetaria. French dressing is a highly used synonym for vinaigrette, and it is a dressing which has been popular since ancient time. One of the reasons the vinaigrette dressing is so popular is because of its non-use of mayonnaise in its base. Due to the lack of mayonnaise the concentration of fat is much lower compared to other dressings. A basic dressing/sauce suitable for especially green salads and vegetables. Why vinaigrette machinery from Limitech A/S By choosing Limitech as your manufacturer, you choose a food machine manufacturer who guarantees a process highly developed for vinaigrette production. Limitech develops and follow the newly knowledge from technologies in food processing to secure Limitech’s food processing equipment of highest quality with the newest and smartest technology. One of the machines developed for processing vinaigrette is the LiMiX line as LiMiX 2.


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