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Vegetable Fats

USHA Food Trading LLC Hall: Hall 8 Stand: 844
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  • Vegetable Fats
Vegetable Fats Vegetable Fats
Product Description: Cream SP19 is a unique blend of fully refined vegetable fats of non-lauric origin. It is bland in taste and flavor. Advantages of Cream SP19: Cream SP19 is a specialty fat suitable for producing a wide variety of soft fillings and compound chocolate pastes & spreads. In addition, it is also formulated to resist oil separation in compound chocolate paste, thus improving the shelf life of confectionery products. Since the raw material used in its production is non-lauric, there should be no fear of a soapy taste from hydrolysis because its free fatty acids are of the C16 and C18 types. Technical Specification: Moisture (%) 0.1 Max Free Fatty Acid (%) (as Oleic Acid) 0.1 Max Iodine Value (Wijs) 56.0 – 66.0 Colour (Lovibond 5.25” cell) Red: 2.5 Max Solid Fat Content (%) by Bruker NMR Ten °C 19 (Typical) 20°C 7 (Typical) 30°C 3 (Typical)


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