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Vegetable Chili Tomato Sauce Processing Solution

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  • Vegetable Chili Tomato Sauce Processing Solution
  • Vegetable Chili Tomato Sauce Processing Solution
Vegetable Chili Tomato Sauce Processing Solution Vegetable Chili Tomato Sauce Processing Solution
The total set of tomato paste processing solution adopts PLC automatic control system, which greatly improves production efficiency; The equipment is with innovative structural design and smaller size to reduce the floor space; It can be cross-produced with chili sauce, strawberry jam and other jams to improve equipment utilization and create greater value. High efficiency The tomato paste production line has a compact structure, a small footprint, a large capacity, high work efficiency, and a significant increase in output. Retain nutrition Starting from the tomato crushing, the materials are processed in a closed environment. Through preheating, crushing, separation, concentration, sterilization and filling in an aseptic environment, the original flavor and nutrition of tomatoes are retained. Perfect material All equipment in the ketchup production line system is made of stainless steel, which is easy to clean, heat resistant, high temperature resistant and not easy to rust. Wide applications Designed for the production of tomato sauce in combination with domestic and foreign processes; in addition to the production of tomato sauce, it can also meet the needs of compound production of various products, such as carrot sauce, strawberry sauce, chili sauce, blueberry sauce etc.


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