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Enzyme Development Corporation Hall: Shk Saeed 1 Stand: S1-C31
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  • Thistlezyme
  • Thistlezyme
Thistlezyme Thistlezyme Thistlezyme
A naturally occurring aspartic acid protease used for milk clotting. The enzyme is from a plant origin, obtained by extraction and partial purification of proteases from Cynara cardunculus (thistle or cardoon) flowers. Historically, this enzyme has been document for use for cheese making in Spain and Portugal as far back as 200B.C. This enzyme is traditionally used in sheep (ewe) and goat's milk cheese, but it also works with cow's milk. For more information on cheesemaking with Thistlezyme®, please visit ThistleRennet.com. Cheese making is not the only dairy related application that this enzyme can be used in; it also is effective in the production of Enzyme Modified Cheese. Since Thistlezyme® hydrolyzes multiple casein fractions, many new peptides will be formed, which is different from the other microbial or animal proteases. They enzyme hydrolyzes all of the casein bonds, giving the EMC a very smooth texture.