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Terlet Terlocool

ProXES GmbH Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 1 Stand: S1-J4
  • Terlet Terlocool
  • Terlet Terlocool
  • Terlet Terlocool
Terlet Terlocool Terlet Terlocool Terlet Terlocool
PERFECT TASTE, PERFECTLY COOLED. From chunky pasta sauces and marinades to cream cheese and smooth hummus, the Terlet Terlocool is the perfect accompaniment to cool cold fill sauces and intermediate stored products as well as those that require a longer shelf life. When it comes to preserving the taste and texture of high viscosity sauces and other food products, Terlocool is a specialised, fast and efficient cooling solution. PUTTING TASTE FIRST Today’s demanding consumers don’t want to compromise – and neither should you. To ensure that your sauces and high viscosity food products retain all of their flavour, they need to be cooled both gently and quickly at the same time. This is where Terlocool is in its element, thanks to optimal heat transfer and gentle, viscositydependent rotation. INNOVATION THROUGH COLLABORATION Terlocool is an impressive example of the beneficial collaboration of ProXES expert brands: The system combines Stephan quality features like the inclined bowl, gentle product handling and minimal product losses, with Terlet’s highly efficient cooling properties. MORE FLEXIBILITY, LESS WASTE You can run small batches, empty without product loss, do a short cleaning cycle when changing product, and run the next batch. Creates massive savings on product (no waste) and labour (fast CIP cleaning). THE KEY IS SIMPLICITY If you use an industrial cooker that also can cool, you can’t do anything while the product is coming to temperature after it’s finished. With a continuous heat exchanger, cleaning can take up a great deal of time and also produces waste, which makes use less economical and is not well suited to batch cooking. SAUCES SPREADS STEWS SOUPS


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