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USHA Food Trading LLC Hall: Hall 8 Stand: 844
USHA Vegetable shortening is a soft plastic fat used for baking needs, such as baking cakes, bread, fillings & biscuits. USHA Vegetable Shortening is made from fully refined and deodorized palm oil. It is a palm-based shortening that is non-hydrogenated, trans-fat-free, and cholesterol free. It is also high oxidative stability fat. It offers a smooth consistency that facilitates mixing and may also be used for frying. Depending on the customer’s requirements, other ingredients, including anti-oxidants and emulsifiers, are generally added to our shortening. USHA Vegetable shortening is obtained from sustainable palm oil with good plantation practice standards, recognized internationally by reputable organizations. All our products strive to create value for our customers by satisfying their requirements with standard performance characteristics. Usha Edible Oil is a leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of vegetable shortening worldwide.


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