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Sherlock Separator

Insort GmbH Hall: 3 Stand: C3-26
  • Sherlock Separator
  • Sherlock Separator
  • Sherlock Separator
Sherlock Separator Sherlock Separator Sherlock Separator
Insort’s Sherlock Separator provides the most reliable foreign body detection on the market today. This is accomplished by using the Safeguard Rejection System, perfected by Insort, combined with our CIT® camera and high‑resolution RGB cameras fitted on both sides. We provide the most complete 3-way sorting solution including detection of color, shape and chemical defects. The whole potato sorter is capable of detecting defects such as sugar ends, scab, rot, green and glassy potatoes. “Re-peel” and size sort functions are standard as well as comprehensive data provision in line with the latest Industry 4.0 requirements. Integrated Peel Scan Function and automatic Peeler Control enable maximizing yield and reducing operating costs of your steam peeling process. The Sherlock Separator meets the highest standards of hygienic design for easy, trouble‑free machine cleaning. SAFEGUARD REJECTION SYSTEM Insort’s Safeguard Rejection System activates stainless steel paddles to interrupt the acceptable product free fall stream. Other systems try to eliminate foreign materials by hitting them at the center of gravity. We activate the paddle from the beginning to the end of the foreign material. Early deployment of interruption of the free fall stream means that all foreign materials are safely diverted to the reject chute and not just “kicked out”. AUTOMATIC PEELER CONTROL CIT® enables any residual skin left on steam‑peeled potatoes to be continually and precisely measured in‑line. Steam times will be automatically adjusted by Insort’s Peeler Control in order to optimize yield and reduce operation costs of your steam peeler. CIT® differentiates reliably between peelings, scab or other defects and is unaffected by type of potato, length of storage or thickness of skin. The Peel Scan Function/CIT® combination makes the need for continual adjustments to to programs as the season progresses is a thing of the past.