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Sherlock Air

Insort GmbH Hall: 3 Stand: C3-26
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Sherlock Air Sherlock Air Sherlock Air
SHERLOCK AIR The viewing of the entire near infrared spectrum allows the chemical composition of objects to be analyzed in‑line and in real time. Product is instantaneously analyzed and handled mid-stream irrespective of color, shape, surface or specific weight. This enables outstanding recognition and removal of foreign bodies and visible defects, as well as those that have been invisible to the naked eye. The new software platform provides a combination of CIT® and high‑resolution 4K cameras including sensor fusion, shape recognition, sizing and the latest machine learning algorithms. The Sherlock Air meets the highest standards of hygienic design and can be used for all food types in either wet or dry processes. HIGH SPEED AIR VALVE SYSTEM With the use of precisely controlled air jets, we are able to sort up to 50% defect load from the incoming product stream. The jets are deployed by means of ultra‑fast magnetic valves that can be controlled to the millisecond, the number of the valves is determined according to the size of objects in the product stream. FIRST IN DETECTING RANCIDITY IN NUTS Sherlock Air offers a patent pending highly accurate method of detecting rancidity in nuts. Using Chemical Imaging Technology (CIT®), the Insort Sherlock Air has been proven to detect walnut kernels from early stage to high level of rancidity. From the HMI screen the operator has full control over the levels of kernel rancidity accepted while in operation. Unmatched performance in removing all types of Foreign Materials. Anything from product related Foreign Materials like Shells, Hulls, Fibres, Embedded Shells to hazardous Foreign Materials like Plastics, Glass and Metals. This allows for the highest available level of food safety in the industry today.