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Corfill International S.r.l. Hall: 7 Stand: A7-37
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SARA is a versatile machine capable of filling both carbonated and still products. It is available in three different versions to work all three main containers currently on the market: PET, GLASS, CANS. Available in single or double pre-evacuation version. A KOMBI PG version is also available. It can handle both glass and PET containers. The ELP filling valve (electro-pneumatic) allows to switch from a container format and/or type of product to be filled, in a very short time (containers with the same neck) simply recalling the recipe of container format/product on the operator panel. SARA can be coupled in a single block with: - rinsing machines for the containers with cold or hot water (simple or double treatment) or simple air blowers with filtered or sterile air. - capping machines for aluminium screw cap, crown corks, plastic screw and/or pressure caps. - seamers for cans' lids SARA HF and SARA HF-FR are the versions of SARA designed for filling those products that need to be filled at warm-high temperatures (over 25°C up to 85°C). In the basic version, the recirculation of the product, to maintain the temperature of the product, takes place only in the main tank of the machine. This version can also fill carbonated products. In the SARA HF-FR version, the product is also recycled inside the filling valve and provides greater guarantees of product temperature accuracy during the container filling phase.