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Salmon Grading Machine (Grader)

Tamay Industrial Equipment Hall: Hall 3 Stand: 310
  • Salmon Grading Machine (Grader)
  • Salmon Grading Machine (Grader)
  • Salmon Grading Machine (Grader)
Salmon Grading Machine (Grader) Salmon Grading Machine (Grader) Salmon Grading Machine (Grader)
Made of AISI 304-316 grade high quality stainless steel, in compliance with hygiene and food norms; to industrial food production and further processing facilities; They are modular structured and user-friendly machines that will bring high quality and dynamism, with the main target of efficiency. The operation of the grading process is as follows: The fish on the gooseneck conveyor are arranged in the middle of the infeed conveyor of the grading line at certain intervals, and thus the grading process begins. The fish accelerating on the infeed conveyor passes to the speed conveyor and reaches its maximum speed. The fish transferred from the speed conveyor to the checkweigher are weighed sensitively during the high-speed passage with the help of the sensors in the checkweigher. The weighed fish are collected at the stations according to the weight calibers we set on the system. The only job the staff does is, Filling the fish classified according to their weight into the Styrofoam boxes in front of them by following the color of the buttons that the stations in front of them are full. The personnel transfers the filled case to the packaging conveyor in front of it and sends the product to the final weighing and labeling. The tagged fish is sent to your cold storage, product processing area or shipment according to your request. FEATURES: • AISI 304-316 Quality High-Quality Stainless Steel Construction, • Ergonomic Design, • Tailor Made Industrial Design, • Easy to Clean, • High Efficiency, • Low Production Costs, • Domestic Made Production, • IP67 Touch Screen Control, • Remote accessible system, • Possibility to receive different reports, • Fast technical support, • Fast spare parts supply, • Multi-language support, • Continuous Production Flow, • Modular Design, • Compliant with HACCP Norms, • 3D Drawing Supported Production.


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