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Pin Mill(PM-3)

Mill Powder Tech Co Ltd Hall: Hall 3 Stand: 333
  • Pin Mill(PM-3)
  • Pin Mill(PM-3)
  • Pin Mill(PM-3)
Pin Mill(PM-3) Pin Mill(PM-3) Pin Mill(PM-3)
Pin Mill is suitable to grind crystal and brittle materials. The output fineness can be changed by replacement of the filtering-screen and adjustment of the rotor speed. With a wild range of applications to a variety of products, and the features of optional grind disc replacement for proper materials. Especially, this machine is easy to clean (water rinse) and do maintenance. 1. Processes a wide range of raw materials. Durable, low-waste design. 2. Easy to operate, saves time & power, highly efficient. 3. Durable components are easy to replace & clean. 4. Fineness: 40 ~ 100Mesh. (data is for reference only & may vary according to raw material)


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