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Open Type Drainage Channel

Tamay Industrial Equipment Hall: Hall 3 Stand: 310
  • Open Type Drainage Channel
  • Open Type Drainage Channel
  • Open Type Drainage Channel
Open Type Drainage Channel Open Type Drainage Channel Open Type Drainage Channel
All of the Open Type Drainage Channels are manufactured from high quality stainless steel materials of AISI 304 - 316 quality. It is available in two different models, DR200 and DR300. Drainage channels are inclined in themselves, and thanks to this inclined structure; It ensures that the waste water is collected and transferred to the coupled drain. The output of the coupled drain can be produced from the bottom or from the side, depending on the infrastructure of the facility. The outlet pipe of the coupled drain is connected to the infrastructure pipes of your facility and the waste water is discharged. Height adjustment and placement are provided clearly with anchor fasteners and bolts. With this height adjustment, the channel is adjusted to the same level as the ground and the slope is worked in this way. In the structure of the coupled floor drain, which we produce by considering the hygiene standards, there is a particulate matter retaining inner tool drain, insect and odor prevention system. Open Type Drainage Channels are available in ladder type, straight type and line type upper grate models depending on the vehicle traffic that will pass over them and the quality of the product and raw materials produced / processed in the facility to be used. The skirts of the channels are filled with a special epoxy filling material, and the strength and durability of the product are taken into consideration while doing this. Open Type Drainage Channels can be applied to epoxy or ceramic floors. • In Food Processing Facilities, • Meat, Chicken, Fish Processing Facilities, • In Restaurants and Industrial Kitchens, • Storage and Shipping Areas, • It can be used in Industrial Factories.


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