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Mustard process solution

Limitech A/S Hall: Hall 8 Stand: D8-46
Mustard process solution Mustard was introduced in England in the 12th century. In early times seeds were coarsely grounded at the table using a mortar and it was eaten in a very rough state. In those early days, it was used primarily to disguise the flavor of rotten meat and it was not before 1720 that English style mustard, resembling what we know today, really came into being. And the distinct ‘English mustard’ is said to have been born thanks to a Durham City woman by the name of Mrs. Clements. However, do you look for the origins of mustard in general, you should probably investigate the Romans ancestors, the Greeks, who used mustard as both medicine and a spice. However, the Romans eventually outdid the Greeks using it as both food and medicine, stating it back then to be a cure for anything from hysteria to snake bites to bubonic plague. The Romans brought mustard to Northern France where it was eventually cultivated by Monks. Choosing of industrial mustard Equipment When choosing of industrial mustard equipment, Limitech guarantees efficient process of the mustard seeds guaranteeing a homogenous batch and final products. Limitech constructs engineering solutions to customers all over the world to especially the food industry as for example mustard.


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