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MultiVacH MultiVacH MultiVacH
MultiVacH vacuum processing plant can be used everywhere that dry powder or liquids have to be mixed, dispersed and emulsified. The products can be produced such in hot as in cold method, also according to customer requirements. The product heating and cooling is preformed through a double jacket which is insulated on the external side. For the product that needs to be heated very fast is used direct steam injection. This heating system blow steam directly in to the circulating product. In the vacuum mixing vessel the ingredients are mixed and homogenized through the special – high-shear mixing and dispersing machine which is suited for batch operations with a recirculating loop and is directly mounted to the vessel bottom. The dispersing machine enables suction, pumping, and self-cleaning by CIP rotating nozzles. Solids and liquids with good flow properties are fed direct to the homogenizing tool via the vacuum unit. The recirculation line returns the product back to the vessel. This, plus the special scraper-stirrer, generate the additional macromixing by means of vertical convection. The conical shape of the vessel floor leads the product to the single-chamber homogenizing system, where the entire procedure is repeated. The machine is emptied via the recirculation line downstream of the homogenizer. The plant is equipped with a Siemens PLC control system. All functions are manual, semi or fully automatic controlled, with optional recipe management and monitoring system. All functions and massages are displayed on a 12” touch screen.