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Mineral water ozonising unit

Water Systems Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 3 Stand: S2-F41
WS has been designing and manufacturing ozonising systems since the beginning: with more than 300 units sold to this day, the Company has reached such a specialization, which is synonym of reliability and efficiency; OZONER F series water ozonising systems by WS are especially conceived and manufactured for the production of ozonised water to be bottled; the system is expressly conceived for bottling lines, such as saturation systems and premix units, so it’s equipped with the necessary for production, cleaning and cycle end phases. OZONERS, as all the equipments realised by WS, are completely preassembled on stainless skid and consists mainly of: - dried compressed air fed ozone generator; - water recycle and ozone dissolving equipment; - pressurised water - ozone reaction and contact tank; - thermocatalytic off-gas ozone destruction unit. All the components are manufactured with materials which are ozone resistant and suitable for the kind of process, to guarantee an high hygiene grade; components, as per WS’ standards, are provided by leader manufacturers and therefore reliable and available all over the world. WS has recently developed a special ozonising device provided with an high- accuracy dissolved ozone analyser and a dedicated software controlling ozone production for the waters reach in Bromides in order to avoid Bromates formation issue.


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