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Mil-tek H501 Mill Size Hydraulic Baler

Mil-tek Middle East Hall: Hall 4 Stand: 410
The Mil-tek H501 Mill Size Baler is a hydraulic mill size baler, that makes extremely dense, recycle-ready bales that can be sent directly to mills for final recycling. > Up to 90% Compaction > Pallet-size bales of up to 450 kg. > Send bales direct to mills for recycling > Multi-purpose: cardboard, plastic & PET > Manuel door operation and automatic bale ejection PRODUCT OVERVIEW: The Mil-tek H501 is one of the most effective hydraulic balers on the market making bales of up to 450kg that fit perfectly on a standard pallet. The baler is designed to make extremely dense, recycle-ready bales of either cardboard or plastic that can be then sent directly to mills for final recycling. The extra long piston stroke and large door opening allows for loading of large volumes of material including whole cardboard boxes, soft HDPE plastic, PET plastic bottles or packaging foam. Bales from the Mil-tek H501 can be tied using regular 19mm banding or steel wire. The H501 can also be adapted to bale aluminium cans and PET plastic bottles. Specially designed attachments convert a mill-size baler into a machine capable of making bales of PET bottles upwards of 248kg and bales of cans over 160kg, containing approx. 10,000 cans.


  • General Processing Technology
  • Environmental Protection Equipment
  • Packaging Materials
  • Paper, cardboard, Corrugated board
  • Plastics, Plastic Foils
  • Packaging
  • Baling/ Compression Packing
  • Warehousing & Storage
  • Materials Handling

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