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Machine for mousse

Limitech A/S Hall: Hall 8 Stand: D8-46
Machine for mousse A mousse is a soft dessert which air bobbles gives it a light and airy structure. It can vary from light and airy to creamy and thick depending on the preparing technique. Mousse is often used for desserts or decorations or as filling for cakes. Short history on mousse The words ‘chocolate’ and ‘mousse’ officially originated in Paris. However, to state when mousse was first discovered is difficult, but it is found that chocolate was introduced to the French around year 1615. Then about a century later the French developed a method for making a mousse. Mousse comes in different forms depending whether it is used as filling, side to a creamy souffle, as a cream or stand-alone dessert often with whipped cream on the side or as a convenience course as for example fish mousse. Why choose Limitech equipment for your process Limitech’s LiMiX 1 is a machine for mousse. The consistence of mousse is easily reached on our machine. The LiMiX 1 can both powder dissolve and mix even effectively while both cooling and heating is an option. The machine is highly advanced and perfect for mousse. Process equipment, solutions and machines for mousse can be manufactured by Limitech in both small or large scale.


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