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Machine for fruit sauce

Limitech A/S Hall: Hall 8 Stand: D8-46
Machine for fruit sauce Fruit sauce or coulis is a sauce made from fruit and is primarily used in desserts. It is a form of thin sauce made from pureed and strained vegetables or fruits. Raspberry coulis is for example especially popular with poached apples or key lime pie. Fruit sauce is a confection that Limitech has manufactured process lines and standalone machines to for decades. Short history on fruit sauce Fruit sauce is also used for plate decorations and it adds flavor, moisture, texture and color to desserts, it may be cooked or uncooked and is sometimes prepared as a hard sauce with the addition of alcoholic beverages, or it can be used as a sweet sauce that goes with roasted or grilled poultry or pork. The origination of the broad sauce is unknown, but we do know the sweet and differentiated sauce are highly popular both for desserts and other dishes. Why choose Limitech process equipment for manufacturing of fruit sauce Limitech’s mixer and process machine LiMiX 1 is highly equipped and developed for the production of fruit sauce. This is whether the sauce is smooth, thick or with pieces of fruit. Due to Limitech’s changeable mixing tools the LiMiX 1 is a flexible and agile machine fitting for all processes of fruit sauce, protecting your product with efficiency and decades of development.


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