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Machine for bouillon cube

Limitech A/S Hall: Hall 8 Stand: D8-46
Machine for bouillon cube A bouillon cube is dried broth or stock/soup formed into a cubical. Typically, it is made from dried vegetables, meat, a small portion of fat, salt and seasonings. bouillon is produced both in vegetarian and vegan types of stock bullions. Short history of the origins of bouillon Back in the 17th century the English food writer Anne Blencowe wrote about meat bouillon, which is where history states its first appearance, where other places in the world it dates to around 1735. Centuries later around the 19th century several French cooks tried to patent bouillon cubes but got turned down because of the lack of originality. Industrial process mixer Limitech’s process solution and mixer is a machine developed to for example bouillon. The machine is developed to process and mix powder in a mass ready for cubing. The machine possesses all the functions and multifunctionality to process bouillon. To make bouillon cubes the bouillon must have a very fine texture without any particles, before the bouillon stock is cooled down and made into cubes. All functions Limitech’s machine LiMiX 3 enholds.


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