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KHS GmbH Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 1 Stand: S1-J14
Our new KHS Loop LITE packaging concept combines numerous ecological and economic benefits in a single bottle. The container is completely circular as it consists entirely of rPET1. The optimized container design and improved barrier have enabled the weight of the0.5-liter bottle to be reduced by up to 25% compared to the current market standard. Product protection is also a given; thanks to the special Plasmax SiOx coating, the shelf life of KHS Loop LITE is practically twice that of today’s conventional brand bottles. With this development we have cut the packaging’s carbon footprint by around 60% (in individual cases by even more) compared to standard market packaging systems comprising new, uncoated PET. As an expert for rPET container systems, through our Bottles and Shapes consultancy program we develop and supply systems and solutions that save on material and facilitate full circularity with optional increased product protection. KHS Loop LITE meets exactly these requirements and is aimed particularly at brand owners and producers of highly carbonated beverages. Our weight-optimized 0.5-liter bottle consists of 100% rPET, a recyclable barrier and a specially developed low-pressure rPET bottle base for up to 15% less blowing pressure energy consumption during bottle manufacture.


  • Filling & Sealing
  • Aseptic Filling
  • Filling And Sealing For Preformed Packaging
  • Filling Machines
  • Pallet Shrink/Stretch Wrapping Machines
  • Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machines
  • Washing Machines
  • Denesting Machines
  • Palletisers, Depalletisers
  • Printing & Labelling
  • Labelling Machines
  • Packaging
  • Inspection Machines
  • Palletising Machines
  • Packaging Materials
  • Plastic Containers

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