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Gulfood Manufacturing 2022

KHS InnoPET TriBlock

KHS GmbH Hall: 3 Stand: A3-4
  • KHS InnoPET TriBlock
  • KHS InnoPET TriBlock
  • KHS InnoPET TriBlock
KHS InnoPET TriBlock KHS InnoPET TriBlock KHS InnoPET TriBlock
The InnoPET TriBlock performs three important functions for your PET bottles on just one machine. With it you can manufacture, label and fill PET bottles with carbonated and non-carbonated products – also lightweight containers of optimum quality. Format and product changeovers can be performed quickly and effectively. The stretch blow molder/labeler/filler block is available for large and small production lines and achieves a maximum capacity of 81,000 bottles per hour. Well thought out Thanks to the intelligent, direct blocking of the stretch blow molder, labeler and filler on the InnoPET TriBlock you boost your efficiency. You also make savings as the air conveyor common to classic machines is no longer required. An integrated air lock separates the filling and packing areas of the system. Convincing Modular, space-saving design for maximum flexibility A reduced amount of tension on the label web during startup and stop situations makes it possible to use thinner labeling materials Pre-glued labels make the gluing station redundant, thus eliminating hot melt vapors and resulting in less operating and maintenance effort Sustainable Efficient production of lightweight bottles with lower material costs and less effort Innovative Adhesleeve technology1) enables thinner labels to be used, cutting costs by saving on materials