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IQF fluidized bed freezer EASY Freeze

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  • IQF fluidized bed freezer EASY Freeze
  • IQF fluidized bed freezer EASY Freeze
  • IQF fluidized bed freezer EASY Freeze
IQF fluidized bed freezer EASY Freeze IQF fluidized bed freezer EASY Freeze IQF fluidized bed freezer EASY Freeze
For the process of lyohilisation (freeze drying) it is necessary the IQF freezing process of the product. And for the perfect IQF process before lyophilisation we recommend our EASY Freeze IQF Freezer. Full controlled fluidisation method keeps the product constantly suspended above the belt in a cushion of air. The result is the immediate crust freezing and efficient core freezing of individual pieces, regardless of type, variety or condition of product. Maximized freezing efficiency is guaranteed for each unique product, whether the product is heavy, light, soft, sticky or fragile, thanks to Variable speed control of all fans and all other build-inn drives, allowing on-the-fly optimization of air flow conditions. PIGO srl is also specialized in other drying and freezing machinery. Besides Easy Freeze Dryer EFD our main machines for drying process are Adiabatic Multistage Belt Dryer PG135 and Tunnel Dryer PG128. As for freezing besided the IQF Freezers EASY Freeze PIGO also produces Spiral Freezers EASY Freeze SPYRO. PIGO also produces complete stone fruit processing lines so one of our storical main machines is high capacity automatic pitting machine PG 103. The key advantages of PIGO Technology and competitive technologies: MONEY SAVING PROCESS, thanks to FASTER FREEZING AND DRYING WITH LOWER POWER CONSUMPTION - Our proprietary freezing method reduces freezing time by up to 25% while consuming less energy. NO PRODUCT WEIGHT LOSS / ZERO DEHYDRATION - Uniquely designed features allow air flow which are crucially important for preserving the natural integrity of your product, almost immediate crust freezing and preventing product weight loss. HIGHER YIELD and faster investment return LISTERIA AND PATHOGEN FREE OPERATION - Today’s “must” for food safety, provided by open design of all machinery parts OPERATOR FRIENDLY - All steps in the freezing process are designed to facilitate simple, fast and efficient operation and maintenance,