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LU-VE Middle East DMCC Hall: 7 Stand: A7-4
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LU-VE GROUP: IGEA AIR SANITIZER Igea, the new solution designed to sanitize the air,is applicable to the commercial dual dischargeunit coolers of the LU-VE ExchangersFHDand Alfa LU-VE Optigo FMD ranges.The filter guarantees a low environmental impact, low energy consumption, reduced maintenance and a long life cycle thanks to itsLED lights.The photocatalysts present in the filter act only as process activators, not losing their properties over time, remaining readyfor new photocatalysis cycles. Igea can be usedon already installed unit coolers(retrofit).Tests conducted by the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan highlight the effectiveness of Igea on the viral load of SARS-COV-2, neutralizing it completely in 30 minutes, while tests conducted by the University of Salento show that the use of Igea prolongs the conservationtimeof climacteric fruits, byup to 10/15 extra days.Tests conducted in the LU-VE Group laboratories demonstrate the maintenance of performance (only 2% lessairquantity, compared to the same machine without a filter).