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Gulfood Manufacturing 2022

IF Shrimp Cooker

OctoFrost Group Hall: 2 Stand: A2-21
When cooking shrimp, it is important to quickly heat the product during the first few seconds of the cooking process, especially the surface of the shrimp, to prevent melanosis (black tail, legs). The IF Cooker can accurately adjust the temperature in each of the 3 or 4 cooking zones. The 3 temperature zones system allows the user to start with a higher temperature in zone 1 while reducing it in zones 2 and 3. This creates a “flat belly” temperature curve, allowing the heat to travel to the core of the product without overcooking the surface. The rainshower system guarantees the quickest heat transfer, allowing accurate temperature control within 0.2°C of the set temperatures. The water falls gently over the product by means of gravitation only, therefore the product quality is not compromised. Additionally, the rainshower system has a product cleaning function.