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Hygienic Panel Protector Kerbs

Vibroser Seramik - DE Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 1 Stand: S1-100
Hygienic panel protector kerbs; products used to minimize bacterial formation, especially in industrial facilities and areas requiring high hygiene standards. It is essential to prevent the formation of bacteria in facilities that require hygiene conditions. However, wall and panel corners are the most available areas for bacterial formation. These protective products have a migration test certificate to minimize bacteria formation at wall and panel bottoms in all areas requiring hygiene standards. The panel, wall bottom, or corner areas are the areas that are most overlooked during cleaning. Dust and bacteria that have recovered in hard-to-reach parts of these regions can create great pollution over time. It isn’t easy to maintain hygiene in corner areas. Both cleaners and managers, who oversee cleaning, may find it difficult to focus on these areas. Applying Hygienic kerb panel protectors to these areas can minimize bacteria’s formation even in the most inaccessible areas. Corrosion can be seen wherever there is moist air, dirty surfaces, and a chemical environment. Panel protectors also protect the areas where they are used against corrosion. Also, it allows cleaning equipment to reach corners that are difficult to reach during cleaning. In industrial facilities, chemical and acid materials can damage floors and walls. Border panel protectors have a smooth surface and have high resistance to chemicals and acid.


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