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Hygienic Baseboard Panel Protectors

Vibroser Seramik - DE Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 1 Stand: S1-100
Hygienic Baseboard Panel Protectors; It is a smooth surface product used in wall, column, and panel bottoms, resistant to chemicals and acids. In industrial work areas, walls, columns, and panel bottoms are the areas where the bacterial formation is most intense. Since these areas can often be overlooked during cleaning, problems occur in providing hygiene. However, thanks to the hygienic baseboards, it prevents bacteria’s formation even in the most inaccessible places, and it is easily cleaned thanks to its radius form. Hygienic baseboard panel protectors also protect walls and panel bottoms against impacts. Especially in food production facilities, hygiene panel protectors are used extensively to create an anti-bacterial environment and prevent bacteria’s growth and shelter that can harm food. Hygienic baseboards in many areas, from the food sector to the health sector, help create a hygienic, clean, and stylish air in minimal details. It prevents objects from contacting the ground area and creatures that we cannot see with the eye from accumulating in this area or coming into contact with the wall. These products are support elements that also protect walls and panels against corrosion. Polymer Material of antimicrobial nature, which does not allow the production of dirt and microorganisms on the surface, with the Migration Test Certificate (Food Theme Conformity Test) (Product does not contain Glass Fiber for Food Safety.)

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