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Hygienic Acrylic Bollard

Vibroser Seramik - DE Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 1 Stand: S1-100
Hygienic acrylic protective bollards used as protective bollards provide superior protection against all impacts and impacts on doors, walls, and columns. These products have a color that can be easily noticed in the area where they are located. The bacterial formation is also minimized in products with acrylic surface and radius form. You can easily clean hygienic acrylic bollards. Also, this product has a steel pipe and a screw system. M24 is a resin-based product. It can be easily applied because of the mounting mortar. The bollards are filled with a metal pipe and Visco filling concrete, which can be mounted on the floor and mounted on the floor. The acrylic pontoon’s thickness on the surface is 10 mm, and the height of the protective pontoon from the floor is 90 cm. Hygienic acrylic pontoon steel pipe can be installed very firmly on the floor thanks to its screw system and resin-based mortar. Protective Bollards can protect all desired areas of the door, panel, wall, and facility from impacts. They provide superior safety against strong impacts and impacts of forklifts, pallet trucks, and other transport vehicles used in industrial facilities. Acrylic protective bollards do not contain glass fibers to ensure food safety.

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