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Hygiene Entrance Equipment

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  • Hygiene Entrance Equipment
  • Hygiene Entrance Equipment
  • Hygiene Entrance Equipment
Hygiene Entrance Equipment Hygiene Entrance Equipment Hygiene Entrance Equipment
Shoe and Boot Washers: Our range of stainless steel boot washers is extensive. Depending on the application, we offer both manual and fully automatic walk-through boot washers. Our automatic walk-through boot and sole washers can be fitted with hygiene turnstiles to ensure the user also sanitises hands. Our walk-through machines are manufactured with robust fixed or rotating brushes, depending on the model, and clean shoes or boots through the combined action of rotating brushes, water jets and detergent injectors. They are created for continuous passage and are sensor operated. They can be positioned in a place to ensure its use is obligatory. Barrier railing is also available. Our sole washer is available in a range of sizes and can be manufactured as a twin lane unit with card readers. Manual boot washers have a push button operation with hand brushes and optional sole brushes. We can manufacture in single, twin, triple or quad stations. Hygiene gates and turnstiles: Our hygiene gates ensure personnel sanitise hands prior to entering a production or high care area. The turnstile will not operate until sanitizing solution has been dispensed. Mechanical turnstiles can be positioned to allow access in one direction only or can also be bi-directional. Hygiene gates can be manufactured as stand alone units or integrated into one of our walk through boot washers. Hygiene Sinks: We offer a range of hand wash sinks including our popular and robust wash troughs which can be manufactured as sensor or knee operated units. This sinks are available as single units or up to 10 person units and can be wall mounted. Heater sinks and smaller, corner wash basis are also available. To compliment our sinks, we have a full range of dispensers for soap, sanitiser, paper towels, gloves, hair nets and beard snoods.