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  • Handling Equipment
  • Handling Equipment
  • Handling Equipment
Handling Equipment Handling Equipment Handling Equipment
Lifting and tipping equipment: Our popular single column lift and tip machine is designed to lift and tip standard 200 litre euro bins and can be manufactured as static or mobile. It has an adjustable tipping height up to 2200mm and lifts 6 metres per minute. It can lift up to 350KG is fitted with a 3 phase motor and can be designed as twin column for higher and heavier applications including handling large dolavs. Our range extends to hydraulic dolav tippers, tote bin tippys for 200 litre tote bins, pneumatic tote bin wash stands, ideal to assist with cleaning of the bins and tote bin weigh scale complete with weigh cell and digital reader. We also supply our Unilifter model whose revolutionary design offers a highly manoeuvrable unit available with a wide range of attachments to suit pallets, barrels drums, reels and much more. Conveyors: Our conveyors can be supplied as stand-alone units, full conveyor systems or systems for integrating into existing lines. With our experience and expertise, we can offer design services to suit our clients. Our conveyors are robust and hygienically designed. We manufacture predominantly in 304 grade stainless steel. Our conveyors can be easily maintained thanks to the careful design. Our core modular belt conveyor design is predominately of stainless steel construction utilising the latest modular belts on the market to help facilitate the highest quality end product. Modular and slat belt conveyors suit the requirements of a range of applications including warehousing, food and beverage production and pharmaceutical environments. We also manufacture cable, chain / indexing, gravity / powered roller, PU belt, spiral, wire belt, cone line and vibratory conveyors along with rotary tables.