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Greatview Sustainable Portfolio

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  • Greatview Sustainable Portfolio
  • Greatview Sustainable Portfolio
  • Greatview Sustainable Portfolio
Greatview Sustainable Portfolio Greatview Sustainable Portfolio Greatview Sustainable Portfolio
Greatview® Planet Greatview® Planet, our latest product that puts sustainability at its heart, is designed to reduce the environmental footprint of aseptic packaging material by using renewable bio-attributed polymers as an alternative to the traditional fossil fuel-derived polymers in use today. The bio-attributed polymers in Greatview® Planet are derived from tall oil, a natural by-product of paper manufacturing, and sourced from the same responsibly managed European forests that we use for paperboard. This increases the proportion of renewable, plant-derived materials in this packaging material. Greatview® Planet not only empowers liquid dairy and beverage producers to improve their positioning and communication on sustainability and responsible sourcing, it is even ready to run on your existing filling machines without any changes, validations or efficiency losses. As the world increasingly expects the food and beverage industry to take actions that reduce environmental impact, Greatview® Planet offers the chance for producers to live up this responsibility. Through Greatview® Planet, we offer sustainable packaging materials without compromising on food safety and excellent quality – Simply Because We Love The Earth. Paper Straws Greatview offers its customers around the globe high-quality paper straws that include paperboard from FSC™ certified sources. We continually strive to support liquid dairy and beverage producers in reducing their usage of single-use plastics and by offering environmentally-friendly paper straws alongside our paper-based aseptic beverage packaging, Greatview fulfils this responsibility. Alleviating consumers concerns about reduced convenience associated with paper straws, Greatview’s offering includes paper straws that feature an angle-adjustable elbow section, allowing the straw to be manipulated into a ‘U’ shape, as well as traditional ‘I’ shaped straws.