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Productos Churruca, S.A. Hall: Hall 7 Stand: A7-36
PRODUCTOS CHURRUCA S. A.. Since 1932. Family business, actually second and third generation. Our philosophy, healthy popular food, and flavors for every taste. Roasted corn, fried broadbeans, and fried chickpeas are our most popular products. Our brand is known around the world. You could eat them from 5 years aged to 70. The roasted corn provides nutrients, protein, fiber to the organism. Recommended as a healthy and tasty eating Snack. In the beginning, the corn was roasting and cooking with Grandma’s recipe and now continue with same original recipes. Our product, the same as modern world feeding is light in fat, lighter than other snacks. We are very close to the people wishes and design new flavors according the market trend of every country. The consumption of our products increases everyday Why? Soft, crunchy, long shelflife and popular prices. This is the key to the new global feed


  • Additives
  • Fruits/Veg (products, powders and extracts)
  • Nuts/Nutmeats


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