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Freezing spiral tower

Sarp Food Technologies Hall: 6 Stand: E6-11
  • Freezing spiral tower
  • Freezing spiral tower
  • Freezing spiral tower
Freezing spiral tower Freezing spiral tower Freezing spiral tower
The Sarp freezing spirals for food are custom-made for each production line and are functional to speed up the processing times and save space. The coils are very close to each other and this gives you the opportunity to manage a large amount of product in a small size. The spiral freezer is positioned inside an insulated room, in which the temperature can drop to -40 ° C, to allow effective treatment. Furthermore, inside the chamber there are evaporators that produce and distribute the airflow, which maintains the constant and uniform temperature, guaranteeing an optimal heat exchange for the product and speeding up the freezing times. With Sarp, you can customize the deep-freezing systems in every detail, adapt them to your needs and easily integrate them into your production line. We design the freezing spiral that best suits your needs. Our working process is based on listening and sharing information with those who choose us: thanks to the preparation of our consultants, we analyze the characteristics of your product and recommend the best performing spiral freezing tunnel, which our engineers will create only for you. We can agree on the shape of the spiral (circular, oval, eight); the speed of conveying; the loading and unloading height of the product, and the sliding direction of the belt. Generally, the conveyor belt is made of food plastic material (in the case of horizontal drive), or stainless steel (vertical drive), which guarantees full hygiene in contact with the product and ease the ordinary maintenance, thanks to the accessibility of the parts. Furthermore, Sarp offers you the opportunity to optimize the lines with accumulation systems, to avoid product waste in the event of line stoppages. Contact us at: sarp@sarp.it or visit the website at www.sarp.it