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foaming cream

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  • foaming cream
  • foaming cream
foaming cream foaming cream
Foaming creamer is a white to cream powder made by emulsifying, aerating and spray-drying raw materials such as glucose syrup and vegetable oil. This product has good liquidity and stability, and can produce abundant foam, foam height can reach 15-20cm. Features: 1,a creamy foam forms on the surface of instant drinks., 2,bubbles are abundant and have good stability. 3,good solubility,make the product rich and creamy, smooth and delicious. Application: used for cappuccino, latte, chocolate, coffee beverage, milk tea beverage.


  • Additives
  • Aromas
  • Bakery Ingredients/Fillings/Mixes
  • Chocolate/Cocoa
  • Colorants/Colouring Products
  • Emulsifiers
  • Fat Replacers
  • Halal Ingredients
  • Stabilizers
  • Sweeteners

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