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FLO-K AIR-CLEANING UNITS FOR THE REDUCTION OF ODOR FROM INDUSTRIAL EXHAUSTS JIMCO Air-Cleaning System type FLO-K is used for a large number of different applications. FLO-K systems are manufactured and supplied for various tasks. Where the air temperature is less than 45 C. The FLO-K system does not require a secondary air to cool the primary air to be treated. The process is called photolytic oxidation, which means the contaminated air is subjected to a combination of UV-C light and ozone. The contaminants in the air are oxidized or cold incinerated. Odors and organic particles contained in the air are reduced to an absolute minimum. The typical reduction in OU/m3 is about 90 – 98%.​ The reaction chamber of JIMCO's FLO-K system is made of acid proof stainless steel (316) and contains a number of JIMCO's Photozonelamps™. These are dimensioned for the volume of air you wish to clean. Furthermore, you will also eliminate the problems associated with high chimney stacks, incinerators/thermal oxidizers, biological filters/peat beds, chemical scrubbers, fragrant oil masking, etc. as they are not required when you use JIMCO technology.​ In February 2000 JIMCO received the EU Environmental Award for Cleaner Technology for the development of the Photolytic Oxidation System.