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FLO-D Fixed

Jimco A/S Hall: Shk Saeed 1 Stand: S1-E49
  • FLO-D Fixed
  • FLO-D Fixed
  • FLO-D Fixed
FLO-D Fixed FLO-D Fixed FLO-D Fixed
VERY POSITIVE RESULTS – OF TESTS AS WELL AS PRACTICAL USE FLO-D SYSTEM Prior to the introduction of our solutions for UV-C and ozone air disinfection systems, we have for some time conducted full-scale tests in various companies in co-operation with DTU (Technical University of Denmark) and The National Institute for Aquatic Resources. The results were very positive. Furthermore, various tests carried out in co-operation with The South Danish university have shown that concentrations of for instance listeria and salmonella bacteria can be almost completely removed by means of our technology and within only one hour a day. Hygiene that is on a level with or better than traditional surface disinfection ​At the fish factory Vega Salmon A/S, in Esbjerg DK, JIMCO's UV air disinfection systems has been installed in the production. Tests from the factory show that the total bacterial concentration after a UV-C & Ozone-based disinfection is better/lower than after a traditional disinfection. At the same time, the concentration of fungal spores is reduced. This goes to prove that saving tons of water and chemicals has no hygienic consequences.​