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Flash heat treatment plant, pasteurization

Water Systems Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 3 Stand: S2-F41
Flash pasteurizing equipments P-SYSTEM series by WS, especially conceived for beverage industry, satisfy the most exacting demands on product safety, hygiene and operational reliance, minimizing product losses and guaranteeing in the meantime an high energy efficiency and a low water consumption. The equipment operates with the utmost precision at the temperatures required by the process. The tubular pasteurizer for juice syrup is a fully automatic unit, provided with all the necessary accessories to treat a delicate product, such as a concentrate syrup containing orange sacs: - tubular heat exchanger supplied by ALFA LAVAL; - magnetic stirrers on product tanks to avoid the precipitation of fruit fibres and to maintain product homogeneity; - product’s volumetric lobes pumps to guarantee a gentle treatment of the fruit’s cells and thence to avoid to spoil the product’s quality; - nitrogen injection line on product tanks to avoid the syrup oxygenation, causing the alteration of its colour; - a gas polishing filter removes potential contaminations which may have a negative impact on the microbiology, flavour and appearance of the beverage and may be harmful to consumer safety; - steam sterilization of nitrogen line to prevent any damages to gas filtration system. WS offers a wide range of flash pasteurizers, according to the kind of product to be treated (beer, CSD, juice, milk, etc.) and the capacity of the line (e.g. electrically heated units for low-production lines).


  • General Processing Technology
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  • Carbonating
  • Complete Turnkey Processing Plant or Lines
  • Mixers (With and Without vessels)
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  • Pipework
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  • Filtration Systems

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