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Filling machines

Teknoice S.r.l. Hall: 5 Stand: A5-28
  • Filling machines
  • Filling machines
  • Filling machines
Filling machines Filling machines Filling machines
Teknofill filling machines are available as both rotary and linear to suit any production space making ROI an essential point. Every project deserves the same care and attention: thanks to the help of the Teknoice Team it is easy to configure the right machines with many different solutions available. Teknoice filling machine: Rotary or linear? The choice depends not only on productivity, but on the ice cream itself: its complexity and shape need to be considered as well as available working area and budget. An ice cream cone that requires a lot of personalization, for instance, should be produced on a linear filling machine, where more working stations can be installed. A classic ice cream cup, on the other hand, could find its way on a rotary Teknofill. Of course, the speed and other limits of the machine must be kept in mind. Teknoice’s linear filling machine range has a solution for every customer: the most important feature of all our equipment is flexibility, making every project possible and customized. Teknoice has two types of rotary filling machines, both have a focus on flexibility, with attention to productivity and space optimization. Teknoice offers its know-how to assist customers with customized layouts for new projects or new lines inside a bigger production facility. Our Team, depending on each situation, can suggest a custom solution, including process layout and or product layout.