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Epoxy Adhesives and Joint Sealants

Vibroser Seramik - DE Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 1 Stand: S1-100
Epoxy adhesive and joint sealants strengthen the bond between the surface and anti-acid tile ceramic during the floor covering process. It is among the most preferred coating materials in heavy loads and high traffic for people and vehicles. It is one of the most preferred coating materials on floors with heavy loads and high human and vehicle traffic areas. Epoxy adhesive and joint sealants can be used on floors for many years. A professional team should assemble it to get the highest efficiency. It can be used in order to increase the durability, especially on floors with abrasion danger in sectors where chemicals are used. These products, which maximize durability in the area in which they are used, are one of the most adaptable building materials with surfaces. Different types of adhesives are produced according to the purpose of use. Before applying these materials, dust, dirt, parts, cement residues, oil, and grease on joint surfaces should be cleaned, and the floor should be dry. If the floor is cleaned with the correct methods before application, the highest adhesion feature can be achieved. You can choose joint sealants to increase the durability of the floor in industrial facilities. You can also find models that you can apply on the wall.

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