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ePAN® Trays

American Pan Hall: 4 Stand: E4-35
  • ePAN® Trays
  • ePAN® Trays
  • ePAN® Trays
ePAN® Trays ePAN® Trays ePAN® Trays
Energy Efficient - ePANs heat and cool faster, reducing oven energy costs while improving proofer temperature control and decreasing the amount of space needed for pan cooling. In fact, the ePAN bottom cools 17% faster and the e2PAN perimeter band cools 25% faster. Easier on Your Bakery - ePANs remove thousands of pounds from an average bakery cycle and reduce wear on conveyors, stackers, and other pan handling equipment. Pans can also be stacked higher, requiring less storage space. Extend Pan Life - The use of high-tensile strength aluminized steel creates a stronger pan and reduces the potential for pan damage. Environmentally Sensible - The unique ePAN design requires less raw materials, resulting in less resource consumption. Ergonomically Sound - The lighter weight ePAN—weighing up to 50% less than a traditional pan—makes pan handling more manageable for employees. Ultimate Coatings - American Pan can supply ePANs with our proprietary AMERICOAT®, DuraShield®, or OptiShield® coatings to deliver hundreds, even thousands, of trouble-free releases. Proprietary Band Design - The e2PAN includes a patented aluminized steel channel in the perimeter band.