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Empty Pallet Control Automatic System

E80 Group S.p.A. Hall: Hall 2 Stand: B2-42
E80 Group's empty pallet control automatic system ensures that in the manufacturing process only pallets complying with the customer’s requirements are used, increasing both the efficiency and the safety of the process and preventing any possible damage to the final product. It is a state-of-the-art and reliable system, which can dynamically manage several types of pallet, with no need of customization. The empty pallet control automatic system guarantees efficiency: It makes the perfect mix of mechanical checks (to control the strength) and checks carried out through the vision system (to find shape defects) ensure a complete inspection of the pallet conditions. The special data recording software offers the possibility of recording the results of the checks carried out on each pallet, for support in the assessment of the pallet supplies. This system also guarantees quality: high repeatability and accuracy of the checks; flexibility: it offers the possibility of checking pallets with different sizes and colors while setting up and combining, through a simple and user-friendly operator interface, a “control recipe” for each typology of the pallet; safety: elimination of the risks to the operator and of the product fall/damage owing to the pallet non-compliance, during the handling operations inside and outside the factory.


  • Filling & Sealing
  • Wrapping Machines
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  • Palletisers, Depalletisers
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